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Government to Grade Your Lifestyle

September 1, 2010

Given a straight forward assignment to design showroom stickers for automobiles that take into consideration the advent of electric vehicles, the EPA has gone to the extreme and proposed confusing monstrosities.

The EPA has even gone so far as to suggest that letter grades be assigned to vehicles, where the so-called best vehicles get an “A” and the worst a “D-”.

Now the letter rating is only supposed to grade cars for fuel performance and CO2 emissions, but at the same time they are grading the buyer.

What happens when you buy a “D” car?  People could judge you as a “D” person, an antisocial person not interested in the environment.

I assume the next step, when the government starts to inspect your house under the Waxman-Markey bill (HR 2454 Section 201) will be to assign you a letter grade for how much energy your house uses. Maybe your house will also get a “D”, again marking you as a social outcast.

Big Brother is watching you.

Waxman-Markey, if it gets through the Senate, already requires that your homes’ rating be recorded on your deed.

The reason CO2 emissions must be incorporated in the rating is that the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 mandates their inclusion. So once again, CO2 emissions distort economic decisions.

The EPA could have devised a simple label showing the kWh per hundred miles for the vehicle when run on batteries and the mpg when run using gasoline. The average person could determine his or her usage under each mode and arrive at gasoline and electricity costs based on how they drove their car.

The EPA document covering all its suggestions:

Proposed Fuel Economy Labels in EPA and DOT Notice of Proposed Rulemaking “Revisions and Additions to Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy Label”

Is available at

The EPA document is worth examining to see the type of work being done by your government.

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