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Another Look at Global Warming

October 22, 2010

Several weeks ago I described why I do not believe that mankind is causing global warming through its use of fossil fuels that emit CO2.

As part of that article I mentioned that temperatures were warmer in 1100 AD than they are today (as evidenced by the Vikings settling Greenland) and the subsequent cold period, known as the Little Ice Age.

Proponents of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) consistently belittle and demean those who disagree with them. Frequently, there are ad hominem attacks that attempt to disparage other scientists – while avoiding scientific debate.

My question, which the proponents of AGW never address, is, “How do they explain the higher temperatures in 1100 AD and the freezing temperatures in the Little Ice Age that followed?”

Rather than attempting to answer that question, they tried, instead, to eliminate the Little Ice Age through a manipulation of temperature data known as the Hockey Stick. The Hockey Stick purported to show that temperatures from 1000 AD to around 1860 were more or less constant, with suddenly rising temperatures after 1860 forming the blade of the Hockey Stick, pointing suddenly, and dramatically upwards.

The Mann Hockey Stick was shown to be false and was thoroughly discredited.

Naomi Oreskes’, a proponent of AGW, latest book has attempted to vilify scientists who disagree with her

Trying to falsify data and attacking those with whom you disagree is the state of science today with respect to AGW.

My question stands.

How do the proponents of AGW explain the higher temperatures in 1100 AD and the subsequent Little Ice Age when there was no increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere and where CO2 levels had remained constant at preindustrial revolution levels?

They avoid answering that question because these conditions had to have been brought about by natural events.

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