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GHG Hysteria Hurts Nation’s Defense

October 27, 2010

Executive Order 13514, October 8, 2009, issued by the president, orders the Defense Department (DOD) and other agencies to cut CO2 and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This order is damaging America’s national defense.

In August of this year, DOD issued a Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) to comply with Executive Order 13514.

It is terrifying reading, and demonstrates how a preoccupation with global warming and GHG is damaging this country.

DOD has to spend money on cutting GHG rather than on equipment, or on bettering the conditions of our fighting men and women.

For example, the missile system to replace the Patriot Missile may be cancelled due to a lack of funds: Funds that are being used to cut GHG.

Hysteria over GHG is threatening to eliminate critical materials required for the defense of our country.

For example, this is an excerpt from the SSPP: “Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is critical as a dielectric material in Airborne Warning and Control System radar systems, but it is also the strongest GHG known, remaining in the atmosphere for 3,200 years and having 23,000 times the warming potential over a 100-year period as carbon dioxide. It is anticipated that SF6 will be regulated in the future, which could threaten its availability.”

Regulating this substance can hurt America’s ability to defend itself.

Some of the wording in the SSPP is taken directly from environmental extremist literature.

For example, the SSPP says: [and] the possibility of more intense hurricanes. The resulting impacts can include coastal erosion, inundation damaged or destroyed infrastructure … A number of scientific research studies published since that time indicate that sea level would likely rise by more than the 2007 IPCC estimates, since the latter did not include contributions from melting in the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets.”

This preoccupation with GHG is requiring military commanders and their staffs to spend valuable time worrying about GHG trivia rather than focusing on the nation’s defense.

SSPP says: “Each DOD Component’s Sustainability Official will provide semi-annual progress reporting through the Senior Sustainability Council to the Department SSO.”

Specifically, “To develop the target, the Department convened a GHG Accounting Group with representation from the Military Departments and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). As a starting point, the group used the modeling tool specifically developed by the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).” [Emphasis added.]

In January, DOD set a target to reduce GHG 34 percent from FY 2008 to FY 2020.

The next article on this subject will highlight specific examples of how the military’s focus on GHG is harming its ability to defend our country.

The SSPP is 99 pages long and can be obtained here:

The executive order can be downloaded here:

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