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Index of 2010 Articles

December 30, 2010

At the end of the year when people are focused on families, it’s a good time to insert an index for articles published during 2010.  As the New Year begins, and people again become interested in national energy issues, they will be able to refer to the index to find articles of interest that were published during 2010.

I started this blog in June and have tried to cover issues of importance to the United States. I have used my background and experience to provide factual information to anyone who was interested about energy issues.

 It’s my belief that if people have the facts they will make wise decisions and not be influenced by demagogues.

Subject 2010 Date   Subject 2010 Date
Generating Electricity 6/24   Is Using Energy Bad? 9/22
Economic Suicide 6/29   Congress Threatens US RPS 9/24
Battery that could be King 7/1   California’s CO2 Opportunity 9/26
Freedom 7/2   Shortage of Electricity 9/29
A New P. T. Barnum 7/5   Lighting Ain’t Simple 10/1
Congress Dereliction  Duty 7/8   Zero Defects Needed 10/4
Wind and Hot Air 7/9   Wind turbine Crisis 10/6
Canada, Friend or foe 7/12   PHEV Opportunity? 10/8
Killing Coal 7/14   20% Rule 10/11
Chicago Trib Propaganda 7/17   Renewable Stds and Jobs 10/13
Is US Nuclear Power Dying? 7/19   Environmentalism Asymptotic 10/15
Stop Drilling in U S? 7/21   Research and Our Future 10/18
Truth about Coal 7/23   Fracking is International 10/20
American Energy Disaster 7/26   Another Look at AGW 10/22
Net Metering 7/27   Renewables Drag on Econ 10/25
Hiroshima Saved Lives 7/30   GHG Hysteria Hurts Def   I 10/27
South China Sea 8/2   Can Coal be Clean? 10/29
Water Hysteria 8/5   Abolish Ethanol Mandates? 11/1
Drilling for Oil is Beneficial 8/9   GHG Hysteria Hurts Def   II 11/4
Hydrogen Cars vs PHEVs 8/12   Gulf Phony Moratorium 11/8
US Strategic Mfg Deficiencies 8/16   Carbon Constrained Future 11/11
New Threat to Coal 8/18   Hidden PHEV Costs part I 11/15
Government Misinformation 8/20   Hidden PHEV Costs part II 11/17
De-Facto Energy Policy 8/23   Hidden PHEV Costs part III 11/19
Carbon Capture 8/25   New Crisis Threat to Energy 11/22
Global Warming and CO2 8/27   Thanksgiving 11/24
Population Growth in America 8/30   Niche Fuel Cells Vehicles 11/29
Gov To Grade Your Lifestyle 9/1   EPA Guidelines for CO2 12/2
Oil Supply Threats 9/3   Hurricane Reality 12/6
What Happened to Biodiesel? 9/6   Gas to Liquids 12/9
Environmental Humor 9/8   Energy Twaddle 12/13
Tacit Admission re Wind 9/10   Energy Revolution: Fracking 12/16
CO2 Pipeline Concerns 9/13   China Leaving US in Dust 12/20
CO2 Pipeline Rights-of-Way 9/15   Energy policy Diktat 12/23
Wall Street Journal Misfires 9/17   Water Availability 12/27
Geothermal and Hot Rocks 9/20   Index 12/30

[To see earlier articles click on the calendar. Use the Index posted on December 30th to obtain the desired date.

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© Power America, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Power America with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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