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Administration Speaks with Forked Tongue

June 14, 2011

During his Saturday radio address, President Obama said, “We should increase safe and responsible oil production here at home.”

Meanwhile his administration does everything it can to prevent drilling for oil and natural gas.

Facts speak for themselves when it comes to whether his words have meaning – at least in the sense of how most people would interpret them.

Unfortunately, his administration interprets responsible to mean preventing drilling because of bogus or trumped up environmental reasons, such as trying to list the dunes sagebrush lizard, a 3-inch-long reptile native to the American Southwest, as an endangered species, and disallowing drilling in large areas of Alaska that have been listed as critical Polar Bear habitat because of global warming, or cancelling drilling contracts on government land.

The word safe has been interpreted by the administration as preventing, or at least slowing down, the permitting of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico while putting most areas of the outer continental shelf off-limits to drilling.

Very possibly the EPA, part of the administration, will inhibit the use of fracking, thereby bringing to an end the revolution in natural gas production that has been extraordinarily beneficial to the United States.

Is the administration ramping up oil production, as claimed by the Associated Press, or is it claiming to do so while actually preventing drilling?

Why would the President give $2 billion to Brazil so that Brazil can drill and develop its oil resources? Is this consistent with what the President said in his Saturday radio address?

Developing oil and natural gas resources in the United States is a serious issue that should be non-partisan.

It’s crucial that the bureaucracies within the administration live up to the President’s words. It does no good for the President to say one thing while his administration does something else.

Congress needs to sort through the issue and determine why the administration isn’t adhering to the President’s words – or is interpreting them so restrictively.

Does the President mean what he says?

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