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Europe’s Environmental Disaster

June 25, 2013

It’s not the floods or any other natural disaster.

It’s a self-inflicted disaster, caused by trying to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050.

Even Germany is beginning to realize that it can’t continue to support renewable energy.

The accompanying chart shows that the cost of electricity is far higher in Europe than in the United States.

EU vs US costs for electricity and natural gas. From the Economist Magazine

EU vs US costs for electricity and natural gas. From the Economist Magazine

This disparity in the cost of electricity can only get worse if Europe continues with its current low-carbon obsession. The German Association of Energy and Water (BDEW), for example, predict that electricity prices will increase another 25%. “Thomas Vahlenkamp of McKinsey reckons that the cost of the Energiewende will double over the next decade.1

The high cost of natural gas is another self-inflicted wound. The Greens have largely convinced people that fracking is bad, because of its concomitant release of natural gas, methane, a GHG, into the atmosphere. Countries such as Poland, that want to develop natural gas, are being hindered by the EU’s energy policies.

The Greens have also convinced Germany to shutter all of its nuclear power plants by 2022. Even support for nuclear in France is being eroded by the Greens.

Europe is the model that environmental organizations want the United States to follow. The EPA has already inflicted more damage than done by European regulators, with its regulations that prevent the use of coal for generating electricity.

The European model can only lead to a weaker economy and fewer meaningful jobs.

Clean energy is becoming a blight on the European economy.

If we are not careful, we will see an increase in hidden unemployment. An example of this can be seen in Argentina, another socialist country, where several people line up to inspect passengers’ hand luggage that has already been screened.

Europe is on the verge of becoming an anachronism in the modern world.

It professes to be a modern, industrialized area, but is actually on the decline. A decline, that’s leading to where it’s not powerful enough to defend itself or strong enough to provide meaningful jobs. German industry is already relocating to other areas. Greece, Spain, Italy and the UK are economic basket cases, with Spain and the UK especially hard hit by clean energy policies.

Could Europe be on the verge of becoming a tourist destination, where people from around the world can visit cathedrals and museums …a mere cultural stop for appreciating the development of civilization?

In short – Europe, and its obsession with global warming, is the “Canary” that warns against an obsession with CO2 emissions among the world’s economies.

  1. Economist magazine June 16, 2013.

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  1. June 25, 2013 1:53 pm

    Donn….very few articles recognize the foolishness of controlling CO2 in the
    atmosphere. It’s all for naught. Plants , crops, are growing faster than 70
    years ago when CO2 was at 290 ppm. It’s now 400; let’s shoot for 450 soon.

  2. June 25, 2013 2:24 pm

    Yes, this article’s focus is on Europe. My next article will explain why it’s impossible to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050.


  1. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup | Watts Up With That?

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