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Good News About Fracking

October 8, 2013

While extreme environmentalists continue to demonize fracking by publishing misleading, inaccurate sensational information, the country continues to benefit from increased oil and gas supplies and more jobs.

New, scientifically done studies continue to show that fracking doesn’t cause environmental problems.

The latest study, in Southern California’s LA basin, showed no environmental harm from fracking.

According to a presentation in Washington DC, “The peer-reviewed October 2012 study quantified 14 different categories of physical and environmental effects.”

These 14 categories included water well contamination and seismic activity.

According to the study’s author, “The study also found no problems with induced earthquakes, noise and vibration, air emissions, or community health.”

This study, and other favorable news about fracking, seems to be ignored by the media, and by the blogs and environmentalists who oppose fracking.

For example, a new study by the University of Texas (UT) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), found that 99 percent of shale methane emissions have been captured, and emissions are a full 97 percent lower than the EPA’s initial estimates released in 2011.

Then, in June of this year, the EPA announced it would abandon its efforts to prove that fracking had caused the contamination of wells in Pavilion, Wyoming.

The EPA abandoned its efforts before a peer review of the EPA’s report could be published, inferring that the peer review would have condemned earlier EPA actions and confirmed that fracking hadn’t caused water well contamination.

It can be recalled that the EPA in its original report, released in December, 2011, had claimed hydraulic fracturing had caused well contamination. Recall also, that the media had widely published the accusation.

The original EPA study was so poorly done the EPA had to redo the study, yet the second effort was also replete with errors.

All in all, the EPA has failed to prove that fracking caused contamination of wells in Pavilion, Wyoming.

In spite of all the evidence that fracking doesn’t contaminate water supplies, movies by extreme environmentalist continue to show people lighting water from the faucets in their homes due to the presence of methane gas. The purpose of these misleading movies is to cause fear, rather than explain any genuine threats from fracking.

Here is a picture of a homeowner lighting the water coming from his faucet.

Photo from August, 1980 issue of National Geographic Magazine

Photo from August, 1980 issue of National Geographic Magazine


Interestingly, this picture was published in the August, 1980 issue of National Geographic magazine, long before fracking was being used for extracting natural gas from shale. It was also taken in Minnesota, a substantial distance from any drilling activity.

This picture from the National Geographic magazine clearly demonstrates that natural gas flows naturally into water wells, without fracking.

Pictures like this may cause fear, but they don’t prove that fracking causes contamination of water supplies.

The latest studies from Southern California and the UT/EDF are more proof that fracking isn’t a threat, and that the benefits, in terms of new supplies of oil and natural gas, and the ability of North America to become independent from foreign oil, and to drastically cut the United States balance of payments, vastly outweigh any potential, and as of yet proven, threat from fracking.


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