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EPA Absurdity Infinitum

December 10, 2013

The EPA has issued regulations that prevent building new coal-fired power plants in the United States.

Ostensibly, this is to provide clean-air, but is actually intended to cut CO2 emissions.

Totally eliminating coal-fired power plants in the United States would have a minuscule effect on cutting worldwide CO2 emissions.

To begin with, Europe, the font of wisdom on Global Warming, is rushing back to using coal.

Next, China intends to build over 300 new coal-fired power plants.

And, India intends to build 450 new coal-fired power plants.

This chart describes the situation in China:

China Coal Usage

China Coal Usage Source EIA


Extrapolating data from this chart indicates coal usage in China will increase 292% by 2030.

Worldwide CO2 emissions in 2011 were 32,578 million metric tons (MMT), while CO2 emissions in 2011 from China were 8,175 MMT, which is more than the 5,491 MMT from the United States.

China already emits more CO2 than the United States.

One forecast predicts that CO2 emissions worldwide will increase 26% by 2030, to over 41,000 MMT.

Even if the United States completely stopped emitting CO2, worldwide CO2 emissions in 2030 would still be greater than they are today.

The EPA is currently targeting coal, but will have to also target natural gas, because existing natural gas power plants already emit more CO2 than will be permitted if the United States adheres to the EPA’s target of cutting CO2 emissions 80%.

Today, it’s the war on coal; tomorrow, it’s a war on natural gas.

The book Carbon Gauntlet describes why it’s impossible for the United States to cut CO2 emissions by any significant amount1.

Will cutting CO2 emissions 80%, emasculate the United States, and transform it into a third world country?

What will be the effect of cutting per capita CO2 emissions to the level they were in 1900?

Is the EPA hurting Americans with its war on fossil fuels so as to cut CO2 emissions, while the rest of the world increases its use of coal?



  1. Available from Amazon Kindle.



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