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Crucial Warming Question

February 14, 2014

What is the role of the Sun in global warming and climate change?

At present it’s not possible to answer that question in its entirety, but it does play a role.

Understanding the Sun’s role may be the most important aspect of the global warming debate.

This involves obtaining information about the Sun. How could it affect the Earth? Has there been a history of events where the Sun has affected the Earth?

Anyone involved in the global warming or climate change debate needs to address these questions.

Actually, everyone is involved because decisions made relative to the debate affects us all.

For example, attempting to cut CO2 emissions 80% will affect how we live. It’s already affecting the families of people working in coal mines, as well as owners of coal mining stocks, including retirees and pension funds.

This doesn’t mean everyone needs to become an astronomer, or an astrophysicist.

It just requires trying to find answers to the two questions cited above.

A book that doesn’t discuss global warming per se, but does explore the history of the Sun and its impact on the Earth, is The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark1.

Book Cover, The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark

Book Cover, The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark

The book is interesting, short and easy to read: No formulas or use of physics required.

It begins by discussing SOHO, a satellite that measures the Sun’s electromagnetic particles, such as those that create the Northern Lights.

Herschel’s discoveries regarding the price of wheat and the Carrington event are subjects virtually guaranteed to pique curiosity.

The Sun Kings provides an excellent introduction to the history of events that have affected the Earth. It provides an introduction to the electromagnetic fields that surround the Sun and Earth.

How the Sun’s electromagnetic field interacts with the Earth is the next step in understanding whether the Sun could affect global warming and climate change.

For this, it’s necessary to investigate Svensmark’s experiments, including the one performed at CERN.

None of this proves with absolute certainty that the Sun affects the Earth’s climate, but the alternative hypothesis claiming CO2 is the cause of warming lacks substantiating evidence.

The issue of global warming or climate change is far too important to leave it to politicians to decide whether highly damaging regulations should be imposed on the economy.

It’s not necessary to read the IPCC’s reports or the NIPCC’s analyses, or to read what some reporter thinks, or what some magazine editor thinks, to be able to reach a conclusion about global warming and climate change.

With a few hours of reading and research, everyone should be able to reach a conclusion as to whether any action should be taken to cut CO2 emissions.

No matter what you decide, if you do this research, it will be your personal decision and not that of a reporter, or some organization or politician.

Information in The Sun Kings will make very interesting conversation during coffee breaks or at parties. You might want to start out by mentioning the Carrington event, and how another could cripple the grid and cut off electricity to tens of millions

  1. I receive no remuneration of any kind by recommending this book.

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