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The Amazing LED

April 29, 2014

LEDs consume 10% of the electricity used by comparable incandescent bulbs, and radical environmentalists have touted their use while promoting the outlawing of incandescent bulbs.

But will LEDs actually result in the use of less electricity?

There’s a very strong likelihood that LEDs will eventually result in the use of more electricity, not less.

It’s always been true that lowered cost of a commodity results in greater use of the commodity. Low cost gasoline, for example, has resulted in more miles being driven, which is why radical environmentalists want to increase gasoline taxes.

Five years ago, they touted natural gas as a bridge fuel to the future, but now that we have abundant natural gas, these same people have declared war on natural gas.

Right now, LEDs are the darling of radical environmentalists, but will they change their tune?

It will be interesting to see whether they will eventually declare war on LEDs, or at a minimum, attempt to restrict how LEDs are used.

As LEDs become less and less expensive new applications will be developed.

For example, there are flexible LEDs recently announced by Cooledge Lighting Inc.

Flexible LED by Cooledge Lighting, Inc.

Flexible LED by Cooledge Lighting, Inc.

Imagine the possible new applications for this single new development.

Why not replace the single light bulb in the clothes closet with a sheet of LEDs attached to the ceiling, so that the entire dressing area is properly lighted?

Or, why not attach a sheet of LEDs around the kitchen backsplash?

Or install an 8’ by 4’ flexible curtain, as offered by FlexCurtain, for the basement entertainment area?

Then there are dimmable LED light strips for lighting stairs in homes and offices.

In apartments, why not install a sheet of LEDs with sky-blue lighting to mimic overhead skylights found in the roofs of single family homes.

Then there’s the ability to Increase lighting in classrooms with sheets of LEDs.

A little further afield, there are LED lighting systems with biofeedback for growing plants, without hot houses. These systems can grow food in cities.

All these LED systems can be intelligently controlled, with timers or light sensors.

Outdoor lighting begs to be improved by using LEDs. For example, light the entire walkway leading to the front door. And, light the entire back yard with LEDs mounted to the house’s exterior walls, or on porch railings.

Light the dark halls in apartment buildings with sheets of LEDs. Anyone who has lived in a city apartment would welcome such an advance.

Replace static bill boards with constantly changing displays using LEDs, as already seen in Times Square.

Rather than reducing the amount of electricity consumed by the nation, LEDs could eventually increase the consumption of electricity.

The only limit on the use of LEDs is people’s imagination.

LEDs are truly amazing.


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