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Making Sense of CO2

February 26, 2016

The media and other groups consistently report that temperatures have been rising.

  • The Economist Magazine highlighted the collapse of the lobster industry in Southern New England waters with the Headline: “Mane’s Lobster Industry Booming. It is Fearful of hot water.”
  • A New York Times article began, “Glacial ice in the Peruvian Andes … has melted in just 25 years, … the latest indication of global temperature [rise].”
  • A recent NOAA headline, “Rising air and sea temperatures continue to trigger changes in the Arctic.”

There has been a constant drum beat that temperatures are rising.

Fair on River Thames around 1683, by Thomas Wyke

Fair on River Thames around 1683, by Thomas Wyke

In fact, temperatures have been rising since around 1800, at the end of the Little Ice Age.

The bay formed by the Hudson River between Manhattan and Staten Island would nearly freeze across during the late 1800s. The mile wide Hudson River, at midtown Manhattan, would also nearly freeze the width of the river in 1950.

Today, the Hudson River flanking Manhattan Island hardly freezes at all.

No one disputes that temperatures have been rising, up until the recent hiatus that began around 1998.

The question should be, why have temperatures been rising?

References to rising temperatures by the Media is not proof of any cause.

And it is the cause of rising temperatures that needs to be identified.

Currently, the media maintains that CO2 is causing temperatures to rise.

But any individual, whether a scientist or not, can examine the facts and determine for themselves whether CO2 is the most likely cause.

The most fundamental question is whether there is a cause and effect relationship between CO2 and rising temperatures?

Do rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere cause temperatures to rise?

It’s a fact that levels of atmospheric CO2 have risen more or less in tandem with temperatures since the mid-1800s. But is this rise in both CO2 levels and temperatures proof that CO2 causes temperatures to rise?

Is there evidence to the contrary?

This question can be answered by anyone.

The IPCC, the organization promoting CO2 as the cause, has shown that atmospheric CO2 levels remained essentially constant at 280 ppm, from before the birth of Christ until around 1850, when atmospheric CO2 levels started to rise.

If CO2 causes temperatures to rise, and presumably fall, then any significant change in temperatures over the past 2,000 years should have been the result of changes in the level of atmospheric CO2.

The fact is, temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels have not progressed in lockstep through the last 2,000 years … or more.

Here are facts anyone can ascertain.

  • The Little Ice Age, from around 1600 to approximately 1800, showed far lower temperatures while atmospheric CO2 remained constant. The Themes River in London froze over and winter carnivals were held on the Ice. Remember the story of Hans Brinker and the silver skates, where the canals in Holland froze across during this period. Temperatures plummeted while atmospheric CO2 remained constant.
  • Temperatures a thousand years ago were as high, or higher than today. It is roughly when the Vikings settled Greenland. While temperatures were as high as today, atmospheric CO2 remained at 280 ppm. Temperatures rose while atmospheric CO2 remained constant.
  • Over the past 18 years, temperatures have remained essentially constant, while atmospheric levels of CO2 have continued to rise.

There are other examples where temperatures and CO2 have not progressed in lockstep.

Ordinary non-scientists can identify these and other examples for themselves.

If there are several situations where temperatures and CO2 have failed to progress in lockstep, it is only fair to conclude there is no cause and effect relationship between CO2 and temperatures.

The lack of a cause and effect relationship means some other force is at work to create global warming.

Since CO2 emissions are not the cause of global warming or climate change, there is no need to cut CO2 emissions.


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Nothing to Fear explains why CO2 isn’t to be feared, why politicians are harming Americans by pushing the CO2 agenda, and that mankind has benefited from using fossil fuels and can continue to do so, perhaps for 1,000 years.

Nothing to Fear is available from Amazon and some independent book sellers.
Link to Amazon:

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

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  1. Neil Jones permalink
    February 26, 2016 12:11 pm

    Donn, If it’s raining, the sky must be falling, but is the falling sky causing the rain. or is the rain causing the sky to fall? And, although there are some sticky and iffy inconsistencies, it’s clear the Global Warming fans have decided. Thanks for revealing some of the leaks in their bucket.

    Neil Jones


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