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War Against Natural Gas

March 11, 2016

While this administration has been focused on its war against coal, the radical left has continued its war against natural gas.

The Sierra Club announced a war against natural gas in 2011, and continues to campaign against producing and using natural gas.

Cheap and plentiful natural gas has been an economic boon to the United States. It has created jobs and lowered the cost of heating millions of American homes.

Yet, radical environmentalists persist in damning natural gas and doing what ever they can to stop the use of natural gas.

The Washington-based Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) is now trying to stop the building of new chemical plants along the Gulf Coast.

From Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) web site: Picture of power plants releasing steam into the air.

From Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) web site:
Picture of power plants releasing steam into the air.

Like many radical environmentalist organizations, the EIP’s web site shows power plants releasing steam into the atmosphere, while trying to infer it depicts the release of pollutants. Steam harms no one.

Eric Schaeffer, former director of the EPA’s Office of Civil Enforcement, is head of the EIP, which determined that 44 petrochemical projects were proposed or built in 2015, and that if they were all built they would release 86 million tons of CO2 annually.

These 44 plants would create jobs and economic development in the states where they are built.

Radical environmentalists pit CO2 against jobs.

Nothing could be clearer, radical environmentalists will sacrifice jobs and economic growth in order to cut CO2 emissions.

When it pleased them in the past, radical environmentalists praised natural gas as being “good”, a bridge from coal.

But now that this administration has largely destroyed the coal industry, killed thousands of well-paying jobs and damaged the economies of broad swaths of America, they are now changing their tune, and declaring war on natural gas.

This was inevitable, because the objective of radical environmentalists is to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. This is what this administration and the EPA have publicly stated.

Cutting CO2 emissions 80% would destroy the living standards of all Americans.

Meanwhile, radical environmentalists continue to favor cutting CO2 rather than keeping or creating jobs.


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Nothing to Fear, Chapter 14, explains why it is impossible to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050 without destroying America’s economy and standard of living.

Nothing to Fear is available from Amazon and some independent book sellers.

Link to Amazon:

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear


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