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VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

September 16, 2016

Speaking in Stockholm, Vice President Biden warned Europe against the proposed Nord Stream-2 pipeline that would bring more Russian gas to Germany. The existing 745-mile long underwater Nord Stream Pipeline, under the Baltic, brings large quantities of Russian natural gas to Germany.

Nord Stream Pipeline Route

Nord Stream Pipeline Route

The proposed Nord Stream-2 would essentially double the capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline.

Biden said, when indirectly referring to Russia, “No country should be able to use energy as a weapon, to coerce policies from other nations.”

Europe depends on Russia for 1/3 of its natural gas, while some Eastern European nations are wholly dependent on Russia for their natural gas.

Biden proposed, instead, that Europe should use LNG from the United States.

While this was a very sound proposal, and an important strategic option for Europe, the natural gas from the United States would come from fracking.

We now have the spectacle of Vice President Biden speaking out in opposition to the position taken by the Democrat platform that calls for the abolition of fracking.

The United States itself would have a shortage of natural gas if it weren’t for fracking.

Adding to this spectacle is that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has joined the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, as a board member.

Another member of Burisma’s board is Devon Archer, a former senior advisor to current Secretary of State John Kerry.

As reported, “Mr [H.] Biden and Mr Archer are also managing partners at Rosemont Seneca Partners, a Washington, DC-based investment company.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden said, the United States will help Ukraine with “technical know-how” for horizontal drilling and unconventional natural gas production from shale, so that Ukraine can increase natural gas production.

All of this would be an excellent foreign policy position, except for a single factor:

It’s contrary to this administration’s actions, and those of environmental organizations such as the Serra Club, to kill fracking in the United States.

Without fracking there wouldn’t be any surplus natural gas from the United States.

Aside from the hypocritical nature of these events, they demonstrate that fracking can provide the natural gas needed by the United States, and, to some extent, Europe.

The war against natural gas, i.e., methane, is contrary to the interests of Americans.

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From Chapter 16 of Nothing to Fear, The Tragic War on Fossil Fuels, “Mankind needs fossil fuels to eliminate poverty and sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

Nothing to Fear is available from Amazon and some independent book sellers.

Link to Amazon:

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

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  1. catcracking permalink
    September 19, 2016 2:32 pm

    Interesting article.
    Biden has not displayed any consistent wisdom on any subject except possibly this one. He must have forgot that the Administration has tried every thing possible to kill the fracking business, including recent onerous increased methane emission regulations per the EPPA. Yet Fracking and other oil drilling have been the salvation of the economy for the last 7 years providing the bulk of the jobs and low gasoline and natural gas prices. Many chemical plants have been and are being built in the US because of cheap natural gas for a feedstock, with the associated jobs, rather than importing chemical products from overseas.

    • September 19, 2016 5:02 pm

      Thanks for your comment. Everything you say is true.


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